The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull recently decided to make Australia great again by changing visa rules and talking about Australian values.

What is funny about this is Turnbull couldn’t muster up the backbone to embrace this change completely and make his government go full right wing like his predecessor did.

Instead, we get a government going halfway in an attempt to appease Pauline Hanson voters both in the electorate and in the Liberal National Party caucus.

Failed Dog Whistling

Being a coward in politics rarely ends well. With this weak right-hand turn, Turnbull’s government is at the same time not going far enough (like Howard did) for the right wing nut jobs and going too far for his moderates and most of the country.

And of course, he’s betraying his values.

Your government not being right wing enough, check! Your government being too right wing, check! Betraying your values, check! I call that Prime Ministerial winning.

A PM Without A Backbone

This #MAGA business of Turnbull’s is desperation politics. He’s trying to look tough (but not too tough) about something he disagrees with and in return alienates all sides.

Turnbull as Prime Minister is a constant disappointment to his followers and the broader population.

He flat out refuses to stand up for what everyone knows he believes in, such as climate change, gay marriage and a fair, egalitarian society that accepts all people.

As a handy aside, there is a major party that likes those things, and they have a leader who agrees.

Australia may be a racist country, but we are not (yet) a Trump country. Turnbull trying to make Australia great again is a dumb move that will hurt him.

The real racists will continue to vote One Nation, the moderates will be aghast, and Turnbull will continue to look as if he doesn’t stand for anything he believes in.

Must be fun being him right now.