7 LinkedIn Profile Photo Tips

Smiling baby profile photo

Your LinkedIn profile photo matters. It can determine if you appear likeable, competent, and influential. Try and get an interview, new client or speaking engagement if any of those three things are missing.

A profile photo can also determine if people think you are approachable, helpful, and attractive. *Cough*Dating Sites*Cough.

We make these judgements about photos quickly. In 40 milliseconds, we’re able to draw conclusions about people based on a photo.

There is a fantastic article on all the aspects of a good profile photo, according to research and science, check it out here.

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Getting Rid Of Privilege Isn’t Persecution

Sulking child

Getting rid of privilege is not persecution, but that’s what the privileged call it. There are many fights for fairness, equality and a better society going on at the moment (always?), and those with the privilege are claiming they’re being persecuted.

High-profile claims of persecution currently in the news are coming from, of course, the bigoted Christians who are having a tantrum at the prospect of letting gay people have flowers and cake at their weddings.

There are many other battles of the privileged against everyone else going on, including, feminism, Baby Boomers & taxation and race. But let’s go back to the bigoted Christians.

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Teach Kids These 7 Things In School

Graduation day

What kids should learn in school is under constant debate, but there are some basic life skills missing that should be added.

They are grammar, consent, relationships, positive sex, how to run a meeting, public speaking and project management.

Depending on what school, in what country, the first two are being taught in some places. But it is hardly uniform.

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How To Run Effective Meetings

Obama in the situation room

Look, running an effective meeting is a skill you need. How many bad meetings have you been in? Or worse, been responsible for?

That’s why I wrote this guide. It’s been a few years now, and I can’t remember all the sources for the specific tips, but they represent a synthesis of the best advice I could find at the time.

Before I get into the specifics, check out this handy flow chart called Should you call that meeting?

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The Renaissance Of The Single Woman?

Smiling woman

Are we witnessing the renaissance of the single woman? Increasingly it is socially acceptable for women to be single and to like it.

Take a moment to process the anger coursing through your veins at yet another ‘women now allowed to do/be/think/achieve a thing’ in life. Done? Ok, moving on.

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Going Nuclear With Facebook

Nuclear Explosion in the Pacific

Exactly a year ago, I nuked my Facebook account. And I am glad I did.

Social media has matured enough that it is fully integrated with the ‘meatspace’, and we are now critiquing its impact. See here, here, here, here, and here.

Many of my Facebook friends take ‘detox’ breaks, quitting for set periods of time so they can engage with the real world over a weekend or something.

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Turnbull Needs Marriage Equality

Malcolm Turnbull at a conference

We finally have an Australian Prime Minister who supports marriage equality.

This is a milestone* in of itself, but in politics nothing is simple. Turnbull owes his ascension to some very unpleasant people who are not down with equality.

And so, rather than having a conscience vote as is the way for Liberals with matters of rights and equality, a plebiscite has been promised after the election.

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Our Online Content Delivery System Is Still Broken

Netflix DVD

Netflix may be causing Australians to steal less online content, but they won’t stop completely. And you can blame the big content companies for that.

Netflix Australia has around 2,000 pieces of content compared to around 6,000 for the US version.

Yep, the US version of Netflix is three times better than the Australian version. And this isn’t even about piracy, it’s geoblocking content.

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Gmail Needs A Small Security Tweak

Gmail screen

Google, your security features in Gmail are fantastic, but there is a small tweak you need to make.

I’ll call it a ‘restore point,’ but there are lots of ways of doing it.

Most people don’t enable all the great security features you have (two-factor for example) and just stick with the hard-wired security.

BTW: Thanks for the default HTTPS and data centre encryption.

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Using Price Escrow To Stop Underquoting Real Estate Agents

Escrow scrabble

A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald had a real estate agent saying underquoting was as high as 90 percent in inner Sydney.

It’s a sexy number and it got an article published, but the broader point remains: real estate agents have an incentive to lie to people selling and to people buying. Especially prior to auctions.

Whether the number is 90 or 50 percent, underquoting is real and prevalent and it needs to be stopped.

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Reputation Management Basics: Wikipedia

Wikipedia homepage

Wikipedia is an important tool in reputation management but it is under utilised.

There is likely a variety of reasons why people ignore their own Wikipedia articles, but with a little effort they can shape their reputation online.

In case you’re not from around here, Wikipedia allows anyone to edit articles. Anyone.

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