One Email Account To Rule Them All

The ring from Lord of the Rings

You should only use one account for your primary email, contacts and calendar. And you should set that account up as the default account on your smartphone for those three features. This sounds simple enough, and it would be if you only had one account. But most people in Apple World have two: Their main […]

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iPhone The Trademark Killer

Close up of an iPhone

The iPhone is such a dominant force that it is now affecting the trademarks of major corporations, including banks, credit card companies and mobile operators. The major point of the tobacco plain packaging lawsuit brought against the Australian Government was of trademark. The tobacco companies argued their product wasn’t just encompassed by the thing they produced, […]

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Hacking SWIFT again (no, not Taytay)

Taylor Swift in concert.

Last year was a big year for hacking government data, but it was also where a major banking system, SWIFT, was hacked at least twice. And now it looks like the NSA hacked it too. SWIFT, not the Talyor variety, stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, and if you have ever sent money […]

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The Government Privacy Apocalypse

A hacked sign on a road

The last few years have seen massive leaks of government electoral rolls and other sensitive citizen information. We are witnessing a government privacy apocalypse. Half Of Turkey In 2016 alone more than half the citizens of Turkey had their personal details leaked on the internet, including “their names, addresses, parents’ first names, cities of birth, […]

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Online Security Steps You’re Not Taking

A man wearing a tinfoil hat pointing at a screen

Online security is way too hard, and you shouldn’t have to read this whole article, but here we are. It is, and you do. Or you could read this one. Whatever. Most of this article is about online, but some of it is computer-based. With no further ado, here are some of the precautions you should […]

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Our Online Content Delivery System Is Still Broken

Netflix DVD

Netflix may be causing Australians to steal less online content, but they won’t stop completely. And you can blame the big content companies for that. Netflix Australia has around 2,000 pieces of content compared to around 6,000 for the US version. Yep, the US version of Netflix is three times better than the Australian version. […]

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Gmail Needs A Small Security Tweak

Gmail screen

Google, your security features in Gmail are fantastic, but there is a small tweak you need to make. I’ll call it a ‘restore point,’ but there are lots of ways of doing it. Most people don’t enable all the great security features you have (two-factor for example) and just stick with the hard-wired security. BTW: […]

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There Is A Price Signal On Your Privacy

Privacy Venn Diagram

Your privacy should be a right and it should be the default when being a customer with companies. But in the online world that is not the case, there is a price signal attached. With companies like Telstra and GoDaddy, you have no right to privacy, but you do have a right to pay for […]

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Google Voice: One Number To Rule Them All

telephone exchange 1950s

It may feel like we are living in a technological nirvana, but there are some old school holdouts. Phone numbers are one of them. Home phones are gone, but VOIP, your work phone, work mobile, personal mobile, IM and more, have sprung up in its place. Why do we even have so many numbers in our […]

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The Next Revolution Will Be Mesh Networked

Mesh Network

Mesh networking will revolutionise our safety, society and politics in ways we cannot anticipate. Here is an excellent article by Wired on mesh networks. And another, and one from the BBC. Whether you knew it or not, you needed an intermediary to talk to someone next door on a mobile or send them an email. What […]

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Taxis Need NFC

Taxi in front of a US flag

When was the last time your taxi driver got lost? Have you struggled to give directions to your taxi driver that doesn’t speak your language when travelling? Or at home? Taxis need Near Field Communication (NFC).

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