Reputation Management Basics: Google Search

Whether you’re a narcissist or not, you need to search for yourself on Google regularly. And while you’re at it, set up email alerts. This isn’t (only) narcissism, it’s basic reputation management. If you don’t know what the Internet thinks of you, it will come back and bite you in the ass.

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7 LinkedIn Profile Photo Tips

Smiling baby profile photo

Your LinkedIn profile photo matters. It can determine if you appear likeable, competent, and influential. Try and get an interview, new client or speaking engagement if any of those three things are missing. A profile photo can also determine if people think you are approachable, helpful, and attractive. *Cough*Dating Sites*Cough. We make these judgements about photos quickly. […]

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Going Nuclear With Facebook

Nuclear Explosion in the Pacific

Exactly a year ago, I nuked my Facebook account. And I am glad I did. Social media has matured enough that it is fully integrated with the ‘meatspace’, and we are now critiquing its impact. See here, here, here, here, and here. Many of my Facebook friends take ‘detox’ breaks, quitting for set periods of […]

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Reputation Management Basics: Wikipedia

Wikipedia homepage

Wikipedia is an important tool in reputation management but it is under utilised. There is likely a variety of reasons why people ignore their own Wikipedia articles, but with a little effort they can shape their reputation online. In case you’re not from around here, Wikipedia allows anyone to edit articles. Anyone.

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Social Media Location Tips For Organisations

Lost explorer with a map

Your organisation probably has got the memo about needing a Facebook page by now. But have you made sure you are findable in the real world via social media and online more generally? Social media mapping can be a messy process, but the same big names you would expect are at the heart of it; […]

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LinkedIn Should Verify Your Profile

Kid with a LinkedIn logo

Unlike Facebook, Twitter and Google+, LinkedIn doesn’t provide a way to verify your profile. If you are a high-profile person, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ will put a little tick next to your name and photo so people know it’s really you. Retweeting the wrong Barack Obama can be a bit embarrassing, but how about hiring […]

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Social Media: Growth Fetish & Dunbar’s Number

Facebook global network map

We know that not having any friends is bad for you, but what about having too many friends? When Facebook* came on to the scene there was an arms race among its new members to get the most number of friends. And in many respects, this trend has continued. Anthropologist Robin Dunbar’s work on friendship […]

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Use Facebook’s Milestone Feature To Tell Your Story

Facebook Milestone feature

The word ‘narrative’ is overused in politics. Let’s call it a story instead. Your story is important if you are a politician, and Facebook lets you tell your story on your page. All Facebook pages now have timelines so you can easily navigate to past events and cat memes. But if you are a politician […]

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The Next Revolution Will Be Mesh Networked

Mesh Network

Mesh networking will revolutionise our safety, society and politics in ways we cannot anticipate. Here is an excellent article by Wired on mesh networks. And another, and one from the BBC. Whether you knew it or not, you needed an intermediary to talk to someone next door on a mobile or send them an email. What […]

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Progressives: You Need To Join LinkedIn

Labor campaigning

One of the enduring issues that the Labor Party faces is with its reputation. And I don’t mean Craig Thompson. I am talking about getting respect for the depth of knowledge and experience that exists in the Labor Party. Too many people think that to be a Labor Party member involves being a hack with […]

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Yes, You Still Need A Website

Website Tablet Mobile

Are you a public figure? Do you want to be? Well, you need a website. Before that you need a domain name. The Internet is kind of established now. Not going away. And you need a presence there. Having social media profiles is not enough (though I will get to that). You need a place that […]

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