Getting Rid Of Privilege Isn’t Persecution

Sulking child

Getting rid of privilege is not persecution, but that’s what the privileged call it. There are many fights for fairness, equality and a better society going on at the moment (always?), and those with the privilege are claiming they’re being persecuted. High-profile claims of persecution currently in the news are coming from, of course, the bigoted Christians who […]

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Our Online Content Delivery System Is Still Broken

Netflix DVD

Netflix may be causing Australians to steal less online content, but they won’t stop completely. And you can blame the big content companies for that. Netflix Australia has around 2,000 pieces of content compared to around 6,000 for the US version. Yep, the US version of Netflix is three times better than the Australian version. […]

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Using Price Escrow To Stop Underquoting Real Estate Agents

Escrow scrabble

A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald had a real estate agent saying underquoting was as high as 90 percent in inner Sydney. It’s a sexy number and it got an article published, but the broader point remains: real estate agents have an incentive to lie to people selling and to people buying. Especially […]

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There Is A Price Signal On Your Privacy

Privacy Venn Diagram

Your privacy should be a right and it should be the default when being a customer with companies. But in the online world that is not the case, there is a price signal attached. With companies like Telstra and GoDaddy, you have no right to privacy, but you do have a right to pay for […]

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Would You Like The Christmas Option With That?


If you make a purchase with a David Jones card at David Jones between 1 November and 24 December you will be offered “the Christmas Option.” No, you will not get tinsel if you say yes.

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Labor’s Tax Hole (2014 Edition)

Labor's Tax Hole Compared

Tony Abbott’s Government is in trouble. But if Labor is not careful they are going to be in all sorts of trouble pretty soon. Abbott’s predicament is not a surprise to anyone who has witnessed the last few years of three-word slogans and thought that there was actually policy underneath that the Liberals were hiding. […]

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You Will Need Somewhere To Call Home

Cardboard House

This one piece of advice is missing from almost all financial advice online: You will need somewhere to call home. Before we get into your living arrangements in retirement, let me save you some time by giving you a summary of the top three financial tips that exist out there in the sea of listicles: Spend […]

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Weaponised Mirabella

Submarine Sydney

Like all conservative governments, the Abbott Government loves the Australian manufacturing industry. As long as it makes things that kill. Abbott has appointed Sophie Mirabella to the board of the ASC (formerly the Australian Submarine Corporation) with much less outrage than the new Human Rights Commissioner.

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The End Of Enlightened Leadership In Australia (For Now)

Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott has been called unenlightened before, but I think he fits that term literally. And it does not bode well for Australia. The Age of Enlightenment was a cultural movement emphasising reason and individualism rather than tradition. Its purpose was to reform society using reason, challenge ideas grounded in tradition and faith, and advance […]

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Has Bitcoin Decoupled The Sovereign From The Fiat?

Fiat logo

Bitcoin may be redefining the Fiat. No, not the car, but the thing in your wallet: money. Before I get to Bitcoin being a Fiat, let’s talk about the Sovereign Fiat first. The filthy lucre in your wallet or purse is actually a lot more complex than you realise. The Gold Standard may be dead, […]

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Insurance Companies Believe In Climate Change

Flooded house

If you are looking for the canary in the coal mine of climate change, it isn’t sea levels, it is insurance premiums. Yes, insurance premiums. What we know about climate change or its old moniker, Global Warming, is that extreme weather events are going to become more intense and more frequent. This isn’t some conspiracy, […]

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