One Email Account To Rule Them All

The ring from Lord of the Rings

You should only use one account for your primary email, contacts and calendar. And you should set that account up as the default account on your smartphone for those three features.

This sounds simple enough, and it would be if you only had one account. But most people in Apple World have two: Their main email account and their Apple account. Read More

iPhone The Trademark Killer

Close up of an iPhone

The iPhone is such a dominant force that it is now affecting the trademarks of major corporations, including banks, credit card companies and mobile operators.

The major point of the tobacco plain packaging lawsuit brought against the Australian Government was of trademark. The tobacco companies argued their product wasn’t just encompassed by the thing they produced, but by its brand as well. If you took away the brand, the company would suffer. Thankfully, Australia prevailed. Read More

Hacking SWIFT again (no, not Taytay)

Taylor Swift in concert.

Last year was a big year for hacking government data, but it was also where a major banking system, SWIFT, was hacked at least twice. And now it looks like the NSA hacked it too.

SWIFT, not the Talyor variety, stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, and if you have ever sent money to a foreign bank, you’d need a SWIFT code. Read More

Progressives Are In A State Of Nature

Harry Reid and Merrick Garland

What is an overlooked part of our modern society is that many of the conventions that make politics run are not enforceable in any meaningful way. They are just agreements, unspoken, over many years that both sides will behave in predictable ways.

But what happens if one side abandons the norms of civil society and drags you into a state of nature?

That’s exactly where progressives are. Obviously, the Hobbsian version is a bit more rough-and-tumble, but it is not that far off. Read More

The Government Privacy Apocalypse

A hacked sign on a road

The last few years have seen massive leaks of government electoral rolls and other sensitive citizen information. We are witnessing a government privacy apocalypse.

Half Of Turkey

In 2016 alone more than half the citizens of Turkey had their personal details leaked on the internet, including “their names, addresses, parents’ first names, cities of birth, birth dates, and a national identifier number used by the Turkish government.” Read More